AEMFI 10th Biennial Microfinance Conference held

The AEMFI 10th Biennial Microfinance conference was held in Mekele from 28 November to 01 December 2018 under the theme of “Accelerating Financial Inclusion with Innovative Financial Services for Sustainable Development”. The conference attracted all key stakeholders such as MFIs, government authorities, development partners and technology-based solutions providers. The microfinance sector progresses and challenges as well as scholars researches were presented at the conference. In addition, each MFI presented its performance progresses, innovation and challenges encountered.

Enterprise Partners (EP) presented microfinance TA market development interventions and their progress as a sustainable solution for the MFIs’ capacity gaps. During the event, the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (gGmbH),  signed business partnership MOU to develop an international standard certification scheme to train, mentor and certify local Technical Service Providers (TSPs) for Microfinance Institutions (MFI) in Ethiopia. This marked a principal milestone for EP’s intervention,

This partnership aims to create a pool of local qualified TSPs that could provide high quality and affordable technical assistance to MFIs to enable them better serve SMEs to grow and create more job opportunities for the women and youth. The trainings will include various thematic courses such as risk management, strategy & business modelling, product development, customer service & relationship management and training of trainers (ToT).

The first training and mentoring sessions are already underway and are expected to be completed in March 2019. The Frankfurt School of Finance and Managment is also tasked to provide direct assistance to AEMFI with set standards geared towards institutionalising and ensuring the sustainability of technical service providers training and certification programme in the country.