Audit of Enterprise Partners Monitoring System Awards 96%

Enterprise Partners is proud to announce that it has passed the audit conducted by DCED (The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development) with a score of 96%.

The DCED is a forum for learning about the most effective ways to create economic opportunities for the poor, in line with the SDGs – based on practical experience in Private Sector Development. The DCED also conducts audits on the monitoring system of agencies and programs that are seriously engaged in monitoring their results. The DCED Standard for Result Measurement gives an assurance to the programme stakeholders (donors, government) about the quality of implementation and the credibility of results. This is especially necessary for market systems programmes, which are sophisticated and complex due to the fact that they try to create systemic change in business markets, which is hard to implement and measure.

Since the beginning of EP’s implementation in 2014, we have been committed to instilling a culture of evidence-based decision making and DCED standard is a key ingredient for such effort. In April 2018, an audit has been conducted by external reviewers of DCED and Enterprise Partners have scored 96% of MUST and 98% of RECOMMENDED control points, which is the second highest score amongst other programmes audited globally. This reflects EP team’s hard work and commitment towards designing interventions based on rigour analysis, reporting results with strong evidence and a monitoring system that holds our work accountable to a high standard.

Enterprise Partners will continue to build on this success and work towards delivering the programme’s targets of creating decent jobs and increase income of poor Ethiopians through industrial transformation.