Contract Farming Establishment in Humera, Tigray

The EP cotton team facilitated a contract farming planning session was held in Humera, Tigray on April 2, 2019.  The session was attended by the Regional Institute of Agriculture Research, Regional and Zonal Bureau of Cooperative Development Agency, Regional Bureau of Trade and Industry, Humera Agriculture and Research Institute and Hiwot Farm  Mechanization. Accordingly, the Ethiopian Textile and Garment Industry Development Institute and Enterprise Partners in collaboration with Hiwot Farm Mechanization agreed with high-level agricultural authorities to apply a pilot contract farming plant with small and medium-sized cotton farmers in Western Zonal Woredas.

The two major types of contract farming structures that have come out in the survey were local governance form and regional steering committee. The local governance forum responsibility is to provide day-to-day job performance and to address challenges. The Second Structure, The Regional Steering Committee, will administer the project on top of the project.  EP will be carrying out the monitoring and measurement work in terms of achieving the project plan. This will help stakeholders assess the successes, take lessons and plan for directions in the future.