Creating New Productive Capacity for the Leather Industry

Enterprise Partners in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ethiopian Investment Commission and Leather Industries Development Institute, has developed a National Leather Sector Roadmap entitled Creating New Productive Capacity for the Leather Industry. A workshop was held on May 3rd 2019 to present the draft roadmap document to key stakeholder and update them on the current status.

The workshop aimed to receive input on each recommendation from the stakeholders to design data collection tools as well as identifying critical areas of focus to complete the assignment. Enterprise Partners coordinated the initiative from the beginning by ensuring smooth implementation and covering the financial requirements. The role of each institution in the strategic and technical steering committees and the level of commitment from the government side ensured the right policy measures were discussed during the workshop. Based on the recommendations forwarded, a direction has been given to turn the draft recommendations into an actionable set of activities with cost-benefit analysis, results expected and details of implementation.