How do we make digital financial services more engaging in Ethiopia?

As we develop our capabilities in advancing financial inclusion, digital financial services becomes a key feature of our work. Recently, we’ve begun participating in an online community of practice class offered by the Digital Frontiers Institute, and hosting weekly meetings to facilitate course learnings with active discussions.
Our meetings have various stakeholders such as National Bank of Ethiopia, Hibret, Dashen, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, AMFI, and others involved in the digital financial services market.

From our discussions, we’re learning that we need to communicate better in attracting and recruiting additional banks that could benefit from this course. Particularly, because upon completing the course, attendees will receive a Certificate in Digital Money. This is given to each attendee once they have completed the twelve-week course load.

Right now, we’ve split our class discussions into two groups with 19 members each. As intervention managers, we host each of the two meetings. We’re thinking of putting pictures online to highlight, and also showcase who has been in attendance. We also plan to invite guest lecturers, and have previous alumni gather their thoughts and see how they’ve implemented what they have learned.

Overall, this one way in which we hope to encourage, and guide the digital financial services movement across Ethiopia.