Job Fair in Hawassa Industrial Park

Investors association of Hawassa Industrial Park in coordination with SNNPR – Bureau of Trade and Industry (BOTI) and PVH organised a two day job fair on 24th and 25th November, 2017. The purpose of the job fair was: (1) Build positive image of the industrial park and stimulate interest from aspiring job seekers. (2) Provide recruitment platform for investors in the park.

The fair was a great success with total of about 9,110 people registered which had surpassed the target of registering 5,000 people. It was an open door event focusing on providing an experience to job seekers to work in an industrial park environment. Job seekers were provided an orientation on factory work and a quick tour around the park. This was followed by screening and registration by factories. 80+ volunteers from the companies and university students participated to ensure smooth organizing and screening/registration process of job seekers. Prior to the event, an effective promotional campaign was orchestrated by the investors association and SNNPR government which attributed to the large turn-out. The campaign included: (1) Flyer distribution through vans in major cities and villages for 11 days prior to the event (2) Radio advertisement in two local radio channels for two weeks and (3) TV advertisement on SNNPR TV. Two phone lines were also set-up to cater for follow up questions by job seekers. Overall, the job fair provided a great platform for job seekers and investors to interact and also clarify a lot of misconceptions about the companies within the park.