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Ethiopia, a country with abundant raw materials for leather manufacturing

  Our vision is to bring together high-value leather products exports from quality foreign direct investment and Ethiopian manufacturing firms that are globally competitive. This, with a high-level of in-country value addition will result in decent factory job creation, and income opportunities for farmers and traders. 


Ethiopia is home to the largest population of cattle in Africa and the 10th largest in the world, meaning it’s leather industry has immense potential.


Ethiopia’s leather exports currently stand at $123 million, and, by the end of 2020, the government of Ethiopia seeks to grow the leather industry’s annual exports to $800 million. The government plans to maximise the impact of this growth through ‘value addition’, thereby creating more jobs and further boosting exports. The sector has already experienced more than 150% growth and by 2020 it is hoped that it will employ over 59,000 individuals. It is a strategic sector for the Ethiopian economy.


Enterprise Partners works across the raw hides and skin supply and leather value chain to foster industrial growth and increase the export of leather products. Our key aims are to improve the finishing capacity of tanneries and brand Ethiopian leather products for the international market. This will lead to further investment in the sector, create a robust value chain system with quality leather supply to factories, and finally increase the manufacturing capacity of quality leather products. Enterprise Partners intends to generate £60 million worth of new investments, and 12,000 manufacturing jobs, 75% of these going to women.



Theory of Change




Enterprise Partners is working with Ethiopia’s tanning industry to develop quality leather production mechanisms through close collaboration with international chemical companies and buyers. We aim to improve supply chain systems for chemicals and other inputs, as well as to establish better links with leather finishing experts within the industry, and to increase the supply of quality raw hides and skins. We are giving particular attention to the promotion of green practices in tanneries, aiming specifically to reduce the use of chromium in the processing or finishing of leather.


Leather Products

Enterprise Partners is engaged in a number of initiatives focusing on the leather products market to ensure improved supply chain, export and, marketing functions. We seek to ensure Ethiopia’s’ place in the global mass market for leather products, especially with regard to the United States which is the leading importer of leather goods. We also intend to further develop high-end footwear manufacturing in Ethiopia.

Important Links

Leather Case Study

Getu Gulelat is a pickling & tanning operator employed by HAFDE Tannery PLC located in Sebeta, Ethiopia.

Intervention Team

Leather Sector Lead Wengel Tessema ✉    Tanning Taye Tibebu

  Leather Products Abreham Gizaw