New Product Development in the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

A seminar on New Product Development in the Fruits and Vegetable Processing Industry was held at Sapphire Addis Hotel on June 28, 2019. The seminar aimed to inform and raise awareness on new product development and application of raw material in existing recipes. The main objective of the seminar was knowledge and skill development, the introduction of new product development and organizational structure. The seminar was organized by Enterprise Partners specifically targeting government regulatory bodies and private service producers in the food processing industry. During the seminar, fruit and vegetable processors, government bodies, representatives from research and academic institutions as well as processors gained a better understanding of organograms and new product development including the process of new products, knowledge and skill development in the fruits and vegetable industry.

The learning was delivered trough presentations by Albert De Hollander, CEO, Local fruit;  Eddy Post, Independent consultant and Marjo Baeten, Senior Lecturer & researcher in the field of transition management, world food security, entrepreneurship & innovation, HAS University. At the closing session, Ato Thilaye Tilaye Bekele expressed his appreciation for the experts and thanked the participants for their interest and active involvement in the seminar and further remarked that different workshop in the FAV industry will be held in the near future.