SME training delivered to Abay and OIB

A six-day SME financing training was delivered to 28 of Abay bank and Oromia International Bank (OIB) staff on the days of 12-17th October 2018. The training covered a number of relevant topics that are key in understanding the Small and Medium Enterprises and their related need for financial services. An emphasis was made on how to properly serve the financial need of the SME market while maintaining the professionalism and financial integrity of the banks.

Specifics topics covered in the training include Introduction to SME concept, applied definitions and pertaining issues in the SME sector; SME financing techniques, lending methodologies, assessment and making lending decisions; Financing environmentally and socially sound projects and Project requirements on SME client registration and reporting.

The training was conducted at OIB training centre who hosted 13 participants of their own and 15 from Abay bank. EP STTA SME Finance consultants Federico Billder delivered the classroom training for six days. While, topics related to SME Finance Environmental and Social Policy and Procedures, as well as client Registration, Reporting and Monitoring systems were covered by DBE staff Ato Fitsum Hadgu & EP MRM analyst  Ato Yewulsew Yeshambel respectively.