SMEFP DBE Lease Financing Update and Monitoring Training Successfully Completed

DBE Lease Financing Update and Monitoring training was delivered to DBE District Managers, Team Managers and Planning Officers under the SMEFP program. The training took place on November 06, 2018 at the Intercontinental Addis Hotel, Addis Ababa with 29 DBE Personnel. The training was delivered with the objective of updating DBE District Managers on the portfolio progress of all SMEFP supported projects as well as training delivered on arrears monitoring, disbursements reporting and repayments format.

Additionally, the training was aimed at validating the service level duration of each process in the lease financing requests.   Participants learned the required formats for monitoring and provided valuable input as to the DBE process mapping service levels. It was agreed that high-quality periodic reports from each district will be delivered on a monthly basis to ensure that most if not all supported projects result in a lower non- performing leases.